Welcome to Flashover Press

Flashover Press is a small writer’s co-op comprised of writers intent on helping each other! We are not a main-stream publishing giant, but not yet a self-publishing group, either. All of our authors work together to help each other as proof readers, beta readers, and idea boards. This means we all pitch in to make sure the final published work is well written and a joy to read!

As authors we know our limits, and understand you can only do so much with your own work, so we make sure all of our manuscripts are sent through a process of final editing and design by outside literary editors and graphic designers. What this means for the fans of our authors is that no manuscript – no matter how great it may be – will be published before it is ready, assuring readers that the book or novel they purchase is of the highest quality.

We are small right now with only a handful authors, but we are sure the quality of our publishing process will speak for itself, and more writers and authors will join us.

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